Traveling through Jamaica has been amazing!

IMG_5386“Bless up everyone and welcome!”

Before I jump right into the amazing places I’ve been in Jamaica, i need to speak on my beautiful experience as a volunteer at the Kingston YMCA. Unforutnately, this is my last week here in Jamaica and it is truly a bitter sweet feeling. Saying goodbye to the children at the YMCA was very emotional. One of the campers ran to me before I left with tears in his eyes saying “Ill miss you and thank you for being such a good friend.” I was on the verge of tears. The children at the Kingston YMCA impacted me in ways they will never know. The project “the squad” did at the YMCA turned out great. Each one off us did an activity with our group and cleaned up the backyard. Our time at the YMCA was a great one.

Traveling Jamaica has been awesome. Places we have visited include French Mans Cove, Dunns River Falls, Museums about Rastas, Tainos, Jamaican music, The Carnation Market in downtown Kingston, the oldest newspaper in the Caribbean (The Gleaner) and much more. Exploring Jamaica has been so interesting. Below are so great photos I have taken with my phone and GoPro! Also a cool video from Dunns River!

All the places Ive been to in Jamaica all has given me vivid memories of this trip, that will last a lifetime! #Grateful.

I wanted to eat what was in the coconut so the vendor poured the water in and scraped on the inside of the coconut into the bag.Coconut water in a bag from Carnation market.


Alex and I enjoying the beautiful ocean at Dunns River Beach!

IMG_5365YMCA campers give the best hugs!

The squad at French Mans Cove.The Squad always posing for pictures! #GoPro

                       DCIM100GOPRO At French Mans Cove!

This was in the country side of the Blue Mountains. Beautiful Mountain behind me!   Pit stop in the country side in the mountains!



At the Gleaner Newspaper. This where production happens!


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Hello Everyone. My name is Sabrina Bergas and I am a senior at SUNY New Paltz. MY major is communications with a concentration in public relations. I am studying abroad in Jamaica in the Summer 2016. I love to create blogs, Imovies and package stories. I am very excited to dive into the Jamaican culture while incorporating my media skills by documenting my journey. In the future, I plan to travel abroad a lot and work for a media company.

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