Saying Goodbye

The last seven weeks in South Korea were honestly so amazing. Being able to go to a different country by myself and try to navigate and figure out things in a completely different country with a completely different language was a little nerve wracking but amazing. It’s something I’ll never forget.

I can’t say that I was homesick while I was here. I didn’t feel out of place when I went out (well maybe the intense staring I got almost everyday was a little weird but you get used to it). All in all, I wasn’t ever itching to come back to the United States. Maybe it’s because I’m just able to adapt well to different places or because I’ve traveled to different countries before, but I feel like the program in Dankook and just the people in South Korea as a whole were really welcoming so I never really had that feeling. Overall this program was great and I wish I could do it again or at least have stayed a little longer.

I’ll never forget the English Village program and the students I got to meet while I was there. More than traveling, the food and everything I did while I was in South Korea, teaching was something I really cherished. I didn’t realize I would like it as much as I did. I miss it and I miss my students even more. They were all so nice and welcoming and it’s sad to know we won’t be trying to make plans to meet up around our busy schedules now that I’m fourteen hours away.

I knew studying abroad was something I wanted to do ever since I was in high school and actually being able to do it and looking back on it, it’s something everyone has to experience while they have the chance. Being on your own in a different country, you learn so much and you’re forced to widen your views. I’m sad I had to leave but I know in the future I’ll definitely be going back!

I am an English major with a double minor in Creative Writing and Asian Studies. I love traveling and I'm very excited to spend my summer surrounded by a completely different culture and language!

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