I’ve been home for over a month, but it doesn’t feel like home. My body has gone straight into a routine but my mind has been lagging, still figuring out where I belong now. I’ve been traveling a lot, and working on moving into a new house; this has made my ‘home’ more fragmented. I’m still figuring out where I want to be and it’s made my transition a bit uneasy.

Being back in the U.S is definitely bittersweet; I’ve missed my friends and family but I crave Melbourne. Everyday I have a little reminder of my life back in Australia, the friends I made there, the places I was memorized by. Looking back on my trip it doesn’t feel like a dream, it feels very, very real. The constant reminders I get bring me back to a good place, full of amazing memories. Though, my stomach can’t handle American portions now-I even think a venti coffee from Starbucks is absurd! I wish I could be there still, but I’m not and that’s okay. I came back with a change in my mindset, and a craving to travel more, and I’ve been able to continue that.



Hi! My name is Brianne, and I am a Junior at SUNY New Paltz. I'm a Psychology major, with a minor in Evolutionary Studies and Disaster Studies. I am studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia and I'm stoked to share my experiences while there :)

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