Going Home

I wish I could stay longer and travel more, but I also miss some things from home.

I’m really looking forward to certain things like forks. I’ve gotten better with chopsticks, but my thumb just doesn’t have the strength to move in certain ways. The way I hold chopsticks works, just not as well as a fork.

Also, not having to use a vpn is going to be amazing. On top of using a vpn, the internet seems to be a lot slower in general. I’m thinking about this now and wow the internet is so much faster at home.

I’m going to miss the subways, but not the subways during rush hour.

I’m going to miss the pork buns and sushi from convenience stores a lot. I won’t miss them at first because I’ll be excited about all of the other foods I’ve missed, but after eating about 7 bagels (which will take about two weeks), I’ll miss these great options a lot.

Wow pizza is great.

I haven’t been keeping up with the election much, but now I’ll be forced to. People around me will talk about it constantly. I don’t know how I feel about this.

I met some really cool people here and a lot of them are the kinds of people that travel a lot so hopefully I’ll be the one showing them the area now.

Pokemon Go doesn’t exist in China (and probably never will) and I am really looking forward to playing this.

I am a graphic design major who is interning abroad in Beijing, China. I will be working with top designers at E-Go. I'm looking forward to emerging myself into an exciting new culture.

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