Paisaje astuiano

After being in Asturias for the past month, I can confirm that Northern Spain is one of the most breathtaking places that I have visited in my lifetime. The views are amazing here. It is impossible not to look out the window while on the road and be awestruck by the mountains, open green pastures, and quaint villages. Even the cities are able to maintain this cozy and whimsical feeling. I have taken advantage of my time here by attending weekend excursions through my program. My favorite excursion was Picos de Europa, which is part of a large national park. I walked up mountains, dipped my toes in the lakes, and watched cows and horses wander around the open pastures. It was so peaceful to hear the cow bells chime in the breeze. This park’s untouched beauty was absolutely striking. After this, we went to Covadonga, where a battle between Christian and Muslim troops took place in the 700’s. Here I saw a beautiful and ancient cathedral, an unbelievable chapel (named “Santa cuerva”), which was delicately carved into the side of the mountain, and I drank water from a very special fountain. This fountain is located under the chapel in the mountain, and it is said that if a you take a sip from each of the seven spouts of the fountain, you will bIMG_1482e married within the next year! Even though I have no plans to be married within the next year, who know

s the next time I will be able to IMG_1464take part in sucIMG_1540h a fun and historic tradition like that in Spain.

I will be studying abroad with the SUNY New Paltz summer program in Oviedo, Spain for the month of July. I am a double major in Communication Disorders and Spanish and the six credits I will earn in Oviedo will count towards my Spanish major. Upon completing study abroad in Spain, I hope to become fully fluent in Spanish, which has been one of my top goals since childhood. My interests include crafting, cooking, yoga and being outdoors.

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