Last Night in New Zealand! :( (Auckland)

For my last two days in New Zealand, I decided to pack up and spend a little time in Auckland. Auckland is one of two capitals in New Zealand. Wellington, the more up and coming one, is where I’ve spent the last 4 and a half months so I thought it only fair to see what’s up in Auckland. I arrived on my own, a little solo adventure. I was meeting up with my best friend later that night. I decided to check out the sky tower, one of Auckland’s most symbolic features. It was absolutely gorgeous! It reminded me a lot of the sky tower in Toronto Canada, but I also went for sunset so that was super cool.

Aukland resembles New York City to me. The people are all in a rush to get somewhere, the nightlife is a big club/bar scene, and the buildings and streets all looked so familiar to me. My friend felt the exact same way. To some, this might be a disappointment. For me, however, I was extremely excited. After 4 and a half months away from home, I was happy to feel the NYC vibe again.

The bars were AMAZING. Super awesome themed bars and clubs, nothing like I’ve seen in New Zealand so far. I was a little upset that I wasn’t going to get to spend more than a night in Auckland, as I feel it was definitely my speed.

Tomorrow will be my flight back to the states, a bittersweet feeling!

I'm a psychology major focusing on art therapy as well as gender and sexuality studies. I've never left the country before aside from a couple of trips to Canada, so going to New Zealand for an entire semester is a huge jump for me! I find leisure in art, music, beaches, outdoor activities, and writing. I hope to incorporate my interests in art, gender, and sexuality in my future and I will be observing these key elements especially while abroad!

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