Cultural Adjustmant

Since my study abroad session began, I have greatly enjoyed London, the food, and my accommodations. I have done some “cooking” in our shared kitchen. Food from the local Sainsbury’s grocery is plentiful, and very much like the US. The ready-made Indian meals there are outstanding. I’ve also eaten out at several restaurants. My favorites are the Maya Indian restaurant and the local place for Shawarma.

My accommodations are in a residence hall in Surbiton, UK, which is located at the site of an old water purification station. The photograph above is the old main building of that station. The residence hall, called Seething Wells, is about a 20-minute walk from where the classes are held. There is also a bus that takes about five minutes.

I'm a senior second-degree student at SUNY New Paltz. I have a dual-major in art history and creative writing, and I'll be studying abroad at Kingston University, London, during the summer of 2016. I'll be taking a Literature of London course and a Museums and Galleries course.

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