Cultura asturiana

One of the most striking features of northern Spain is the unique culture and how different it is than that of New York. On the first day of the program, a speaker told our class that we would constantly be comparing and contrasting the culture in Spain to the culture back home. She was certainly right. First of all, it seems that people here are very economical and practical with everyday products. Almost everything seems to be recycled or reused, which is very smart and eco-friendly. In addition, the style of dress is very different than how we dress back in the US. People here seem to get more dressed up no matter the day or occasion. Men tend to wear long pants and women wear skirts, dresses, or long pants. It is not out of the norm, for example, to spot elderly women in their Sunday best strolling through Campo de San Franciso on a weekday afternoon. The residents of Oviedo also seem to be extremely connected to local traditions and religion. Walking through the neighborhoods one can overhear the locals converse about the multiple festivals and saint celebrations that occur in the region frequently. Listening to locals converse also helps to pick up on regional vocabulary, such as “¡Madre mía!” and “no pasa nada”, meaning “oh my!” and “don’t worry about it” in English. Another aspect of Spanish culture that I have happily acquainted myself with is the food. This region of Spain is known for its rich, hearty foods consisting of sausages like chorizo, beans, cheeses, and plenty of bread. Paired with a glass of freshly poured cider, there is no need for late night snacking with this kind of food, since only a few bites will leave you feeling full and satisfieIMG_1561d for the rest of the day.FullSizeRender (1)    FullSizeRender (3)Thank you to everyone who shared their images with me

I will be studying abroad with the SUNY New Paltz summer program in Oviedo, Spain for the month of July. I am a double major in Communication Disorders and Spanish and the six credits I will earn in Oviedo will count towards my Spanish major. Upon completing study abroad in Spain, I hope to become fully fluent in Spanish, which has been one of my top goals since childhood. My interests include crafting, cooking, yoga and being outdoors.

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