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As I’m writing this blog, I will be leaving to the airport in a few hours.
I would like to officially announce that I will be studying abroad in China this summer at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE). I’m so grateful for this opportunity to study abroad in China. Hopefully throughout the academic courses and the trip, I will gain experience in the business field as well as personal growth in adapting new environment and being independent.

I’m an introvert and like to stay in my comfort zone. It’s definitely hard to leave my home, friends and family. I try to tell myself that I’m only gone for one month. Yes, it’s not a big deal – it’s an opportunity. The thing that hits me so hard is time. I have been busy working since the finals were over. Along with that, I’m trying to keep up with my biology online course. I haven’t had time to enjoy the time left in America before I leave. Until the time comes so close that I realize I have to go and I will miss this place. The longer you stay in a place or spend time with a person, you develop a sentimental feeling for it. What I get from this whole process of preparing and going to study abroad is organize your time well for everything, emotionally and physically. Overall, take your time and enjoy every moment, don’t rush through the process as you will realize that everything is okay. There is a beauty in every trouble, as long as you see the other bright side of it.

Here are some pictures I put together between Shanghai and New York City. There’s no mean to compare two places but I just want to put them out there as a reminder of the places I’ve been to and experienced.


image image


Source: Photos are from Google Images.

Stay tuned for my next blogs as I will walk you through my journey in China.

Hello! My name is Anh. I'm an International Business major with a minor in Studio Art. I will be studying at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China this summer. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and learning more Chinese!

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