Almost There!

There are just a couple more days until I arrive in South Korea. It’s a little surreal to think that I’ll be going there so soon. I’ve been wanting to visit for three years now and it’s finally happening! I’m not really nervous as I’ve traveled outside of the country before, but the one thing that’s different is that I’ll be traveling by myself for the first time. Just me without my mom. I guess that should get me a little scared especially since I’ll be fourteen hours away from home, but really it just makes me even more excited. I’m ready to go and discover new places by myself and really be on my own.

I’ve already written down all the places I want to visit while I’m there, looked over the map of the school and the surrounding town and I’ve exchanged some money that should last me for the first week or two before I need more.  I think I’m more than ready for this trip to start. Now it’s time to be patient.

I am an English major with a double minor in Creative Writing and Asian Studies. I love traveling and I'm very excited to spend my summer surrounded by a completely different culture and language!

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