A Few More Days

There are only a few days left before I’m in Beijing, China. It hasn’t set in that I’ll be arriving so soon.

I’m really excited about the company I’m working for. I mentioned E-Go to my coworker that used to live in China and she knows about the company. This is especially surprising because she lived in a completely different part of China. The projects on their website look amazing. I’m definitely going to learn a lot about graphic design that I would of learned in school. The company I’m working for seems excited, too. My study abroad adviser met with them recently and told me how much they are looking forward to meeting me. During the Skype interview, my interviewer seemed really excited to show me around.

My goal is to bring the smallest suitcase possible. This is a problem because I like clothes a lot. I’ve gotten somewhat used to this by taking the bus home from college during holidays, but in these situations there are already some clothes waiting for me at home. I’m going to wearing a lot of black because it matches everything.

I’m really looking forward to being in China and hopefully my very shy/quiet self will somewhat decrease the stereotype that Americans are loud.

I am a graphic design major who is interning abroad in Beijing, China. I will be working with top designers at E-Go. I'm looking forward to emerging myself into an exciting new culture.

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