Une Petite Pause (Or a Big One)

It’s pretty obvious to say that I haven’t made a post in a while (since November I believe) and that’s been for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that I haven’t been having the best time in Besançon lately.

Doing a full year program where normal people only do a semester has been harder on me than expected. I lost some New Paltz friends who I was lucky enough to experience the program with last semester (though the internet is a wonderful thing and I do still communicate with them from time to time) and along with them I lost a bunch of the new friends I made here due to where they are currently in their studies. Lucky for them, they’re located all around the world doing different types of internships and studies which I can stalk on Facebook (hehe). But unluckily for me, it’s meant a lot of changes in my social life here.

Along with changes in my social life, my academic life has changed as well. In this program you move up in level on a semesterly basis, if you’ve done well in all of your classes. This means that I’m in more difficult classes than last semester, with professors I’m not as used to. The classes are never unreasonably difficult, but it is still an adjustment.

All of these changes put together have put me in a bit of a rut, and made me not feel like posting at all. A lot has happened since the last post I put up and if I can I’d like to try to update on some of the travelling I was able to do over my “winter break” here. That’s it on my brief life update!


I am a French major with an undeclared minor. I've traveled to Europe three times in my life and always find myself wanting to go back so spending a year here is a great opportunity for me! I love travelling so be prepared for a lot of travel posts. I will be studying at the Université de Franche-Comte for one academic year.

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