Spring Time in Prague!

Finally! Spring has arrived here in Prague. The sun is out, and I no longer have to spend 10 minutes in the morning bundling up.

My friend told me that Easter is the time of year the Czechs welcome spring and push out winter. No matter what the temperature is, it is time to bring in the new season.

Picture this: stands popping up at every square selling not only your favorite Czech street food but also egg shells beautifully painted. There are blacksmiths making all sorts of metal objects, a man hand weaving wool bags and scarves. Homemade candles, soaps, jewelry, a sudden influx of tourists–you name it, the markets got it.

How nice it is to be able to walk around and just soak in the sun, and it instantly makes everyone want to get out and make the most of the day. Suddenly, it seems as if the population of Prague doubled, as every park bench is now occupied and it now takes at least 10 minutes to walk across the Charles Bridge when it usually takes 4. The Metronome is packed with skaters who are in no means rushing to stop for you, and every little park has people laying out with their dogs and playing Frisbee.

I never got bored in Prague before, but now I know for sure I will always have multiple options on what to do. Today we went to the Prague Zoo and all the animals were outside basking in the sun: we spent hours watching the babies follow around their mothers and the monkeys climb around. And as we talk to more people, the list of parks and castles to visit grows longer and longer.

In short, I’m so excited for some fun in the sun.




Anne, English major and Journalism and Environmental Studies minor, is enthused to spend a semester immersed in a different culture. She cannot wait to meet new people, visit new places, and share these experiences with others.

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