Back in the USA

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve returned from Brussels, and I must say that I wish I never came back! I miss being abroad so much. I made some great connections with even greater people, and I experienced something that was amazing. Not many people can say they’ve studied abroad (usually due to time constraints and money), so I am really thankful that I got the chance to have this experience.


Being back in the States has had its ups and downs – the falafel here is not nearly as good as it is in Belgium, but it’s nice to be back somewhere familiar. Seeing my family and friends was also really great. As much as I loved being abroad, I really did miss everyone. Plus, the time difference was such a pain!


Belgium is a beautiful country, with such a unique and inviting culture. If I had to recommend a place to someone who wants to visit Europe, it would definitely be Brussels.


Ashley, a double major in Finance and General Business Studies, is hoping to make the best of her short time abroad. Traveling is something that many are afraid of in this day and age, but she feels the complete opposite way. She's totally ready to embrace this experience!

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