Returning to the US…


Tomorrow we have a flight to go back to the US. We will leave our apartment at 10am. I know two weeks are not so long, but I feel our stay was much shorter than I thought. As I mentioned before, it is my first time to visit Europe, and it became a great experience for me. I visited a lot of museums and galleries and see art works from a close distance. I saw various kinds of art works;  classical, contemporary, and street arts. Some of them inspired me a lot as a person who create art. Also London town itself influenced me a lot too. In my free time, I walked around London and visited most of popular places. I ate British traditional food a lot such as fish & chips (three times), English full breakfast (four times), scorns (three times), Beef Wellington, Fudge, black pudding, tea, afternoon tea set, and so on. I found my favorite places; Covent Garden Market Place, the National Gallery and Piccadilly Circus area. I could learn about London through this experience. I had few regrets about my stay.


On Thursday, January 21, my spring classes start (I don’t have class on Wednesday). My London art seminar classmates seem to be pleased to go back to the US because it is their hometown and they can meet their family there. I am an International student, and all of my family members are in Japan. I am little sad, but ok, because this is they way I chose. After I arrive at the US, I have three days to rest before the spring semester starts. I will overcome my jet lag during that time and prepare for new classes! Also I have a big assignment for this London art seminar class, which is an art work in any medium inspired by or related to the London trip and write four-page paper due by March 4, 2016. I always have a pleasure of studying in my mind and do my best to improve my self. There is no limit!

Thank you for reading. See you on my next post!


Emi Takeyama is an international student from Japan and Graphic Design major. She is excited to take an art seminar class in London.

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