It’s London!

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I arrived at London on January 3.


I was glad that I could come to London safely just as planned. It was a long trip for about 6 hours (but shorter than NY to Japan). We arrived in the morning. After checking in our flat, we walked to ATM to get cash. It was the first time to see European money. It’s so cute! I tried to stay up not to be beaten by the jet lug, but the jet lug won. I was so tired and fell asleep for a few hours. After taking a nap, my roommates and I walked to the grocery shop to get some food. I heard British food is not delicious, so I prepared myself. I gave a sigh of relief because the shop was similar to one in the US. I planned to eat as many British food as possible, so I only bought small amount of food in case of getting hungry at night and before class.


I was so impressed by the landscape of London when I first saw the town because buildings were unbelievably pretty. I couldn’t count how many times I said “Oh my god, it’s so cute.” Everything was decorative yet stylish. I especially love traditional brick apartments. A red London bus has two levels and runs around the city. It is one of the symbols of London. I bought the Oyster card without a bus potion so the main transportation is a train, but I would take the bus at least once before going back to the US.

My stay in London is just getting started. I will visit as many places as I can, and eat as many British food as possible!

Thank you for reading!

Emi Takeyama is an international student from Japan and Graphic Design major. She is excited to take an art seminar class in London.

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