Brussels Here I come! – 01/04/16



Arrived at Airport. Check in was a breeze no line. I would definitely recommend the web check-in. For Brussels Air there was a separate drop your bags web check-in which was great. Said goodbyes to my dad who drove me in. Thanks Dad! Security was a bit long but not terrible.


Sitting at the airport waiting to get on the plane. Luckily I am traveling with two other Suny New Paltz students. It wasn’t intentional we each booked separately and just happened to all be on this flight. It will be nice to be able to know someone as soon as I’ve stepped off the plane. We’ll be able to travel together to the Hotel where we have a bit of rest and recover and then a short briefing on safety and security at the hotel.

Eric who is also on my Belgium team had a bit of a snafu at check in. He was two kilo’s over or about 4lbs. They wouldn’t let him pay for the overage so he had to reorganize his bags. Stuff some things in his book bag, as he put it he’ll never be able to show his face in NY again because his “unmentionables” fell out and everyone got a good look. But he was able to toss a bunch of stuff in his book bag/carryon and made it through security. Moral of the story be really sure you’re under the limit some Airline staff will let you through but some Airline staff are very strict. Now Eric is on the hunt for a duffle bag. He’s already nixed the Victoria secrete bag.


Had a snack Airport prices are so high. I would definitely recommend you eat before you go through security….at your house preferably. Ian came through with no problems and we’re all just hanging out waiting for our plane to start boarding.


Lined up waiting for boarding to start. Some issue with the plane hopefully they will resolve it and we can get on. Can’t wait to get to Brussels.


Still waiting nobody has boarded as yet they’re calling up passengers. Met a nice guy working with the US government in Brussels frequent flyer. He said they’re probably calling people for upgrades. Thousands of dollars though for business class/1st class. I’ll save that for my next trip overseas.


Still waiting there is an issue with the flight being over booked and the plane is experiencing technical difficulties weight distribution probably. They are asking people if they would be willing to stay.


Flight should have taken off by now. Nobody has boarded Brussels Air is looking for 34 people to stay behind. I think they have about 10.


They’ve asked all people who are not trying to make a connection and are staying in Brussels as they’re final destination to line up separately. Now they’re making a hard sell. Hotel-Vouchers food vouchers and 600 Euro if you stay. They’re threating to cancel the flight completely if they don’t get enough volunteers.


After a discussion between me Eric and Ian and a phone call to our Professor we’ve decided to stay. The three of us decided to stay. We’ll lose a rest and recovery day and have to get right into scheduled events visiting the European Parliament and European Council. Hopefully we’ll get to sleep on the flight tomorrow night.


Finally being led out of the secure area we had to make a quick stop at Duty free for people to return their items. They’ll have to repurchase it tomorrow. We’re going to get our baggage and go to the hotel and hopefully get dinner.


Still waiting on our baggage it seems to be “lost”. They’re trying to rebook some people onto other flights tonight but it doesn’t look like we’ll be one of them. Have met some really interesting people while waiting for Brussels Airlines to get the Hotel and food vouchers together for us.

Nellie: Is a Diplomat that works for the Egyptian Embassy and Ian Eric and I are going to stick with her she knows the tricks.

Kimberly and Husband: Kimberly is this super cool laid back lady from Seattle and her husband are heading back to Ghent Belgium after a wedding. Kimberly works for an NGO pretty cool stuff. Her husband is in a special master program that sends the grad students to different countries over two years.

Alexandria: Is from Poland but she lives and works in Brussels, she works for a small think tank that makes recommendations to the European Commission on housing energy efficiency strategies.


Still waiting and waiting and waiting….


Nope still waiting….


I don’t think we’re ever going to leave the airport.


Yes. I can see the light or at least the headlights of the Radissons shuttle bus.


We’re waiting again… for room card and food vouchers. Accept the kitchen is closed even though they said it was going to be held open for us and it looks like we have $35 to go shopping at the little Food Store in the hotel. Chips and Cookies anyone.


Finally crawling into bed after a half a turkey sandwich a bottle of water and a cozy snack rice pudding cup! King size comfy bed ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz……. We’ll try for Brussels again tomorrow.

Danielle is a non-traditional adult returning learner, working towards a B.S. in Accounting. She has a passion for traveling and exploring the world and so is also working towards a Minor in Political Science. She will be participating in an intersession Study Abroad via the SUNY Model European Union conference and 3 credit study mission. She’s looking forward to packing as much as possible into the two weeks she will be in Europe.

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