All Good Times Must Come to an End: Hasta Luego Madrid

Hello again everyone,

This is it. To say time flies when you’re having fun is an extreme understatement. It really does feel like just yesterday that I took the same picture of my luggage, marking the beginning of this incredible adventure. And in the blink of an eye, the same picture represents me getting ready to return home. Never in my life, has a near 5 month time span gone by quicker. I could dedicate this entire post to describing how sad I am to be leaving, how much I will miss my apartment here and this remarkable city, country, and continent, how I wish I could stay longer, how I can’t wait to return to Europe, and so much more. But I won’t. While all of those things I mentioned remain true, I plan on exiting this country the same way I entered: exciting, grateful, and entirely happy.

As I’ve mentioned in some of my previous posts, studying abroad in a country like Spain has always been something that I’ve only ever dreamed about. Now that I have successfully completed my study abroad experience here, I truly consider this journey to be one that exceeded even my wildest of expectations and imaginations. Since the very first day, this experience has been one of many unexpected moments and memories, all of which I have learned from and used to better myself as a student, traveler, and person overall. It is easy to hear about how enriching and beneficial studying abroad may be to one’s life, but one cannot truly grasp the full concept of it until you actually complete your time here. This experience has literally changed my life, and I am eternally grateful to every person who assisted me and encouraged me into embarking on such an adventure. I especially grateful to my girlfriend Alexa, who take this incredible journey with me, and who made my time here one that was truly unforgettable and incredible. Being tasked with the responsibilities of living on my own, making important financial decisions, traveling┬áto different countries, and so much more has matured me into someone I never thought I could mature into. In many ways this trip has provided me with an international perspective that I could never have obtained by simply reading a book, watching a video, or hearing about from a friend. All of the valuable skills, and important things I have gained and learned while studying abroad will undoubtedly prove extremely helpful in my future endeavors. I hope to encourage others who are skeptical or worried about studying abroad to take the chance, and to experience something unlike any other. For whoever has been following my story while in Madrid, thank you for your time, appreciation, and patience. I hope I have provided for you an enjoyable and in depth look into what my journeys have been like. I will see you next time for one last post, updating everyone on how the readjustment back home has been like. But until then…


Hasta Luego,

Aaron Marrero

Aaron, a Political Science major and International Relations Minor, has wanted to experience a Study Abroad opportunity in Europe, with hopes of also enhancing his Spanish-speaking skills. He is thrilled to take political and international courses in Madrid, Spain this upcoming semester!

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