Sightseeing in Switzerland!

Never would I have ever thought that I would have the opportunity of visiting Switzerland more than once.  So far I have visited five cities in Switzerland: Basel, Bern, Geneva, Gruyere and Lausanne. All of the five cities are unique but my two favorites were Bern and Geneva; they both had breathtaking views of the mountains and there were a lot of places to visit in both!  You’re probably thinking how I could’ve afforded to visit these cities in Switzerland knowing its notorious prices?  The university I am studying in France (CLA) organized a voyage to Bern and Gruyere and my tuition had covered for it (thank you New Paltz!!) and the rest I went with friends and looked for cheaper modes of transportation to get there such as carpooling.

What I found expensive on my visits was the food, finding cheap food is possible in Switzerland, but it is definitely a challenge!!  When I went to Lausanne, I had found a fast-food restaurant that sold pasta on the go, it wasn’t the best but it was great for my wallet! On my most recent trip, my friends and I went to Geneva and we decided to go to a restaurant that specializes in fondue. It was cheaper to share fondue amongst us because one has to order with two or people and it was perfect for the four of us.

Switzerland is definitely one of my favorite countries I have visited so far. I have enjoyed the food, the atmosphere, and its people. I plan to visit Switzerland again and visit its other beautiful cities in the near future!

Bonjour! My name is Luisanna and I am majoring in communcations with a concentration in public relations and double minoring in French and international relations. I will be studying abroad in Besancon, France improving my French and immersing myself into the culture. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine and I want to share my experiences with you all.

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