Besançon you will be missed!!!

Today is my last night in Besançon and I could not have been happier to have studied abroad in a city like it. It’s not big like Paris but it’s abundant in beautiful mountain views and welcoming people. One of the reasons I chose Besançon was because I wanted to be challenged and improve my French and both of my goals were accomplished. I have encountered many people in my study abroad journey that have impacted me positively and have made memorable memories with them.

These past few days I have been hanging out with some friends, you know making more memories and enjoying great food…who doesn’t enjoy having fun and eating delicious food?! I did plenty of that these past couple of days and I am beyond grateful. My friends and I indulged this past weekend at a French-Italian restaurant. It was my third time going there…you know it’s good if I appear more than once! And then on Monday I went to cat café, it was a cat lover’s dream. The cats were adorable as the vanilla milkshake and cookie were scrumptious. The ambiance of the café was very calm and the cats around made me feel less stressed.

After all the fun I was having during those couple of days, what I dreaded most had to be done: PACKING! One of the things I am proud to say is that I am not the best packer (at least I can admit it!) therefore I was really prolonging it. It took me two days to finish packing, I started Monday and finished today with the help of my friends (I have great friends right?!) Once all my belongings was packed and my room was tidy, I took a step back and reflected on all the great memories I made in my room ranging from movie nights to random talks.


My empty room :(

Although, I am bittersweet to leave Besançon , life must continue! I am very excited to embark on my 2 week voyage to Barcelona, Paris, and London!!!


Stayed tuned to more posts on my trips!!



Bonjour! My name is Luisanna and I am majoring in communcations with a concentration in public relations and double minoring in French and international relations. I will be studying abroad in Besancon, France improving my French and immersing myself into the culture. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine and I want to share my experiences with you all.

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