Rome: Week 1 at a glance

imageAdjusting to Rome was actually quite easy and felt natural. I fell in love with this city immediately and I can’t believe one week has already passed. There are so many amazing people within this program who share the most adventurous minds. Together we explored many grand, ancient landmarks such as the Coliseum, House of Augustus, The Arch of Constantine, and so on.

The metro system is very straightforward and easy to use. The only downside is the metro stops around 9pm which can cause a bit of a ruckus. But no worries, natives are always down to help with directions with buses and you can find a taxi anywhere.

Now let me tell you about the food, AMAZING. The pizza is very, very flat but so fresh and crunchy. It is very common to get your own personal pie in many places, they do not cut it by slice like in the U.S. My favorite food in Italy is gelato, so far I’ve had one every day that I have been here. It is a must have when visiting Rome.

Warning: beware of pickpocketers they are everywhere! You can never be too cautious, so keep that in mind when visiting Rome.

Christina Wang is a finance major with a minor in law along with a strong artistic background. She is very excited to head to Italy this summer and assimilate into their culture and arts.

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