Death Note the Musical

So my professor asked me if I have seen many musicals because I am from New York City, famous for Broadway. In response, I told him that I haven’t but I have seen 2 musicals while I was in Korea last year. Now that I think about it, I have seen a musical in my Freshman year of college through the SMP program. .. sorry professor I lied. When I told my professor that I haven’t seen any Broadway productions but have gone to musicals in Korea he was shocked. I guess there will be a day where I will get to see a Broadway production on NYC, but for now I’ll stick to Korea.
So recently, yesterday, I went to see another musical in Korea, Death Note. To be honest, I only really wanted to see it because of Xia JunSu (from the Korean boy band JYJ). I saw him last year in the musical Dracula and I just had to see him again while I had the chance. Sadly, I fell asleep on some bits of the musical this year and for Dracula last year. I should really invest in some binoculars because it was difficult for me to keep my attention since I couldn’t see people’s facial emotions. Nonetheless, their actions, singing, set, design, and costume, were good enough to satisfy the three stories amount of seating.
I really recommend attending some shows and musicals while in Korea because all three productions that I have been to have been well put together and up to my standards.
The only down side is that it will be in Korean, but if you know the story line it is easy to follow. If you don’t know the story line, the actors usually do a good job demonstrating it so that even if you don’t know Korean, you will be fine.


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