My week

So I haven’t been able to write this week which means I have to put it all into this entry. I have been very busy this week doing many different kinds of things. As this is my second to last week, my classes now are seeming to get harder. We are learning new grammar material and I am realizing that my final exam is now only a week away. Where has the time gone!

On Monday we again went to the same field to play soccer. Although I am not very good at it I decided to go anyways because I had fun last time. It is nice that this group of people really don’t judge on ability and we are all there to have fun.

On Wednesday nights in Oviedo, there is a conversation exchange where you got o have wine and tapas and practice Spanish. Whenever it is a nice day here everyone goes to the park and tans. My friend asked if I wanted to go, so we ended up going to the park and hanging out which was nice. The crazy thing about studying abroad is how different everyone you meet is. Even though my friend was american, he had lived such a different life than me and has so many different perspectives. Coming here really showed how stuck in New York I am and how I really haven’t seen the world. Later on that night, we met up with some others that were going to the conversation table and walked there. Surprisingly, there were actually a lot of people there. The interesting this was that there was many Americans learning Spanish, but all Spanish people learning English. It was fun to talk to them and see how their English was and just have a chance to practice and talk to people you ordinarily wouldn’t.

On Thursday the weather was actually really nice so we all decided to go to the beach. Gijon is very close to Oviedo and it is very cheap to get there by bus. We ended up meeting at the bus station and going from there. It was so crazy how many people were at this beach. We were all pretty shocked. The last time I came to Gijon it was rainy and very cold. On this day it was so much nicer and I’m so happy I decided to come to the beach.

On Friday night we ended up going out with some of the Chinese people from our class. We went to this big carnival that was outside of Oviedo. There were rides everywhere and two stages with bands playing all night.

Its just starting to hit me that this first month of classes is already over and my final exam is this week. Because I am staying for two months, I’m basically doing the program twice. So next month I will have all new classes and all new people. I’m sad that the friends I have made here are leaving this week. I have met so many people from all over the world that I would have never met if I hadn’t come, but I am grateful for the experience

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My name is Ashely Sirna. I am a junior at SUNY New Paltz and am double majoring in Spanish and psychology with a minor in disaster studies. This summer I am studying abroad in Oviedo, Spain for two months. I am very excited to learn about the culture and improve my Spanish!

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