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Welcome to my blog. I am excited to share this experience with you. I am travelling to study abroad in Oviedo, Spain in about a week and I am extremely nervous. It is my first time abroad as a student. I went to the Middle East before as a soldier but never got to truly enjoy the beauty in those countries. In addition, I’ve dreamed of making this trip to study in Spain since 2003! (Although I had hoped to stay in Malaga, but who knows? Maybe I’ll get to visit there somehow).

I have made about 7 checklists in order to prepare for this trip and have about half of everything done so far. Helpful tip if you are a planner like me: most of the checklist(s) is not that important; Enjoy life and this wonderful moment of pre-departure excitement. Also, download the Tourist Eye App (awesome for travelers), and the Currency Converter app (extremely helpful for finances abroad).

You know that feeling when you’ve left your house and feel like you forgot something? Maybe left the coffeemaker on or forgot to lock the door? Yeah, that’s about how it feels right now except that I can’t stop smiling whenever I think of how insignificant the coffeemaker and locked door are next to the road that lies ahead.

While I am extremely nervous to be going alone to Spain and to have to speak Spanish everywhere (Dear God, please let Google Translate function wherever I go), I am trying to keep grounded. I am enjoying the nature in Hudson Valley and time with my two young sons (6 and 8 years old) before I leave. I find that if I look around me and pretend I am a foreigner in my own home town around the Hudson Valley, everything immediately becomes more beautiful. I love it here. I think it’s important to see the beauty everywhere. I can’t wait to bring these foreign eyes across the Atlantic, strengthen my Spanish skills, and learn all I can about how the Spanish culture operates (and hopefully other cultures too).

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I’m leaving pictures and videos of my last trip in the Hudson Valley to highlight differences between here and abroad. Thanks for reading!

Enjoying a bit of Home in Upstate New York before Leaving

Enjoying a bit of Home in Upstate New York before Leaving


Tessa waterfall


Tessa studies Early Childhood and Childhood Education with a Concentration in Spanish. She has wanted to speak Spanish fluently and visit Spain since she was very young and considers this opportunity to study abroad in Oviedo as a dream come true!

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