Flying with KoreanAir

Like I mentioned in my first post I don’t have any flying experience. Since I was nervous about finding my way around the airport I decided to fly with KoreanAir because they offer direct flights to Korea. There were pros and cons to doing so. I loved not having a layover, but a 14 hour flight was not ideal either. I originally chose an aisle seat, but changed it to a window last minute. I regret this and now know I am an aisle seat kind of person. Prior to the trip I Facebook messaged a student who was taking the same flight as me and is also studying in Korea. To our surprise we booked seats right next to each other. This definitely helped out my window seat crisis and gave us the chance to get to know each other.

Besides the regret of choosing a window seat flying with KoreanAir was a great experience. All of the staff was extremely nice and very concerned with our well-being. I would definitely fly with them again.

Below is a picture of our first meal. We had the option between chicken or beef bibimbap. After meeting other students who also flew with KoreanAir I found out we all had different meal options, but still had two or three meals to pick from. So I guess the food depends on what flight you choose. From left to right starting with the top row I had, spicy pickles, oranges, rice for the bibimbap, the vegetables and beef for the bibimbap, and seaweed soup. Everything was delicious and I don’t have anything to complain about. For dinner we had western food, which consisted of beef, chicken, or pasta, mashed potatoes, vegetables, tomato salad, a pretzel bun, and carrot cake.




Hi! My name is Andrea and I am currently a junior at SUNY New Paltz. My major is Early Childhood and Childhood Education with a concentration in English. I have always had an interest in traveling so I could not pass up the opportunity to study abroad! I was actually born in Korea, but adopted as a baby so I have never been and don't know too much about the Korean culture. I'm excited to learn as much as I can while having the time of my life!

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