Real Oviedo

On Sunday, there was a soccer game between Real Oviedo and Cadiz. Apparently it was the last game and whoever won it, won the entire competition. I didn’t know that there was a game until my host mom told me and my friends invited me to come.

It was weird to me that it was on a Sunday afternoon, but apparently it was normal for the people in Oviedo. We went to La Calle Rosal which is the street that they were playing the game. There was a huge screen outside and an enormous crowd of people standing around to watch the game. Everyone was very enthusiastic which was crazy to see, because it almost never happens in America. Everyone was dressed in blue and they were all singing songs of Oviedo.

The first goal was crazy! As soon as they scored everyone threw their cups of beer in the air and screamed. Someone next to me even started a fire and set off fireworks. Because Oviedo was the only one to score, they eventually won when time ran out. When this happened everyone was super happy! They were screaming and hugging everyone who was there, whether they knew them or not.

When we were walking away from the street, all the cars everywhere were beeping constantly and waving all of their soccer paraphernalia outside their cars. Some people were standing up through the sun roof and screaming as they past. It seemed like the whole town had this energetic feeling about having won this particular soccer game. People were swimming in the fountains in the middle of town and it was a great feeling to be in Oviedo when they won their game.


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My name is Ashely Sirna. I am a junior at SUNY New Paltz and am double majoring in Spanish and psychology with a minor in disaster studies. This summer I am studying abroad in Oviedo, Spain for two months. I am very excited to learn about the culture and improve my Spanish!

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