Preparing for my trip

Preparing for my trip was a little frustrating. First, I had to make sure I found a ride to Newwark airport because who wants to take public transportation with heavy luggage?! Second, I had to figure out the right ammount of stuff to pack because I only have one free check bag and didn’t want to pay $100 per extra checked bag. I’m a poor college student. Third, I had to figure out a way to say goodbye to my Puppy Tessa. Most think I’m crazy because of how attached I am to her, but shes my daughter and I’ve never been away from her for this ammount of time. This was the hardest thing for me.


Overall preparing for my trip wasn’t easy but I got through it and now I’m in Ireland!

Joceline, Psychology major and a minor in deaf studies. I've always wanted to experience new cultures so studying abroad was the perfect opportunity for me. I will studying abroad at the University of Limerick in Ireland.

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