Academic/Cultural Adjustment


I just wanted to mention a bit about my classes to inform those who would like to know. The largest personal adjustment has been the commute to campus, but that is only a long time for me because I found off campus accommodation. Regarding classes themselves, I really love them all so far. The first week was kind of hectic because time tables (schedules) were getting sorted out still, and nothing was going right for the teachers with room allocations etc. A major difference between classes here and classes at New Paltz are best summed in an example – For my Math class, where in new paltz there would be simply 2/3 classes a week depending on the course, same teacher same room – here there are different lectures, tutorials, and practicals depending on the class. So for my math I have two lectures on different days of the week (that are not mandatory to go to, I happily add) and also a tutorial on a different day – where you are required to show up to and where quizzes/tests take place. The same goes for my other courses. All in all a week for me is only monday – wednesday, and its amazing. The work load is not unmanageable  – just a bit different, as could be expected.

Apart from academically – I find myself having a really hard time adjusting to some aspects of the culture here. #1 big flashing sign – Racism + Sexism. As a student at New Paltz as well as an educated woman – it bothers me a lot. I spend an enormous amount of time either biting my tongue, or arguing with senseless people. I realize people are brought up in certain ways and this is how it is here, just as it is in my hometown in the US, but that doesn’t mean it is okay. Its really alarming to hear some of the things even teachers say that they think are funny, and then hear the roar of the class laughing when it is most of them being targeted by the cruel jokes. I just dont get it.

The weather is cooling down – that was fast. I kind of miss the heat already. Making future mental note to pack for any weather circumstance considering this country has had sweltering – cold – rainy – windy  all in one solid day.

One month until the Great Barrier Reef.


My name is Mariah Munger and I am an Art Education major! I am spending the Spring 2015 semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia, and could not be more excited. I hope to explore, learn, and inspire others to take a big step into this amazing world we live in each day.

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