Week 2

Week 2 was very relaxed. I was getting my ducks in a row most of the week for the first day of classes (today the 23rd of Feb.) I read two entire books while I relaxed around the house that week. And I tried to go for a good hike in a different spot each night. The wildlife is something has has stuck with me undeniably while I have been here so far. In New York – sure there are animals and birds etc. But here it is so wild… I have no better way to describe it. I am simply at a loss for words there. I have never really been a bird person like my grandma who can just sit and watch, listen, and name the birds around – but here I am in complete awe of them. I have seemed to make really great friends with one Magpie at my house that I unofficially call Maggie. She lives in the tree outside my bedroom window and I feed her little pieces of meat here and there – so she loves me. We are buds. In this second week – I also did a few dry runs on the public trains and buses on the route to my Uni so I could ensure I would not be lost or late when classes did come.

In this second week – I also made my first trip ever to both IKEA as well as the Ocean (Surf Beach). The first day at the Ocean I did not have the proper clothes to swim which was really upsetting considering the outstanding beauty of the water as well as the 100 degree F temperature that day. BECAUSE OF THAT – the following day which was also around the 100’s we took a day trip and went to the amazing Phillip Island. Some of the sights I saw are featured in the photo I have attached here – but all in all – my reaction to this place [The Nobbies] was something I could never form into words. Everything I saw was just one more thing I could not believe I was seeing with my own eyes. My brain was on over drive convincing myself that I was not seeing some digital image on the desktop wallpaper of a new PC.

This is currently the first week of classes [week 3 in oz] and this upcoming weekend I will be traveling down the famous Great Ocean Road and then to Warrnambool to sight see and hike around for the remainder of the weekend. Things keep getting better and better here, and I know the time will fly by from now until June when I leave. I am already anticipating another trip in the not so distant future.

My name is Mariah Munger and I am an Art Education major! I am spending the Spring 2015 semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia, and could not be more excited. I hope to explore, learn, and inspire others to take a big step into this amazing world we live in each day.

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