Miami…and onward.

December 14, 2014

This morning at 11:30 AM i left New York from JFK on a flight bound for Miami where tomorrow i will board a group flight to Buenos Aires. Now i am in Miami where it is about 75 degrees and sunny, a welcome change from the cold New York weather. I thought leaving this morning wouldn’t be any different from any other flight, but on the way to the airport i had time to think about the adventure that i am about to set off on and how this experience will affect me. In the midst of the fall semester and completing everything necessary to even be able to go on this trip, i have had very little time to reflect on what this trip may mean, but even after having a bit of time to think it over i still cannot fully wrap my head around the fact that i have been given this opportunity to visit Antarctica, and i don’t think i will truly understand what that means until i arrive there. But for the time being i am going to put my mind at ease and get some rest before an early 4:30 AM wake up and departure to Miami airport for the true beginning to what will likely be the greatest journey of my life.

Alexa is a geography major and anthropology minor. She is excited to study abroad in Antarctica, to meet new people and learn about such a vastly different region of the world.

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