Last London Night

Today is our last day here. I’m all packed up and ready to go. It is the end of a great journey.

In the course of 2 weeks I have learned so much about the art scene and life in London. It has been an absolutely unforgettable experience and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to do it. I will miss the friends I made, the delicious food I ate, and the adventures I had. I am so grateful for every minute I spent in this gorgeous city.

However, I feel that it is time to go home. School starts in 4 days and reality must go on. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the opportunity again to return to London, but if I did I would in a heartbeat. The 2 weeks went by so fast and I have accumulated an incountable number of incredible moments.

Thank you all for making this such an amazing experience and thank you London for all of the memories I will cherish always. Back to my beloved America I go. 10425009_10153475010337802_8024920468057002152_n 10933761_10153475010982802_2087857057904726325_n 10917044_10153477493182802_8127223332437772946_n 10915336_10153477493507802_9070526085371064552_n 10544399_10153477494587802_5781726223575167404_n 10923623_10153477494087802_7691943771579445288_n 10906288_10153477494287802_7935221573154347088_n 10923575_10153477495962802_5015724360804444854_n 10432941_10153477495467802_6205557804718236773_n

Victoria is currently in the graduate program working towards an MFA in printmaking. She loves to travel and is looking forward to studying in London.

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