Finally Home

My plane landed in Rochester, NY two days ago, where I was welcomed with snow and bitter cold air. Everyone kept telling me, “welcome home!” and I would try to muster up an excited response back. Not that I’m not excited to be home, it’s just that I know it will be different. Trust me, I can’t wait to see my friends again, sleep in my bed, eat home cooked meals, and catch up on my favorite TV show. This is the longest I will be home for since summer 2013 so it will be fun to be able to relax for a few weeks before going back to New Paltz.

I’m not gonna lie, the jet lag was hard. I only slept for 20 minutes on the plane so by the time I got home at 6pm (midnight back in Prague), I was beat. I pushed through and started to unpack knowing that if I didn’t start laundry immediately, I never would. I also walked around my house looking at all the new additions my parents had done in the past few months. In every room I went in I kept reaching to hit the lights on about 3 inches higher than the light switch actually was. After a while I realized it was because I kept hitting the spot where all the lights would have been in my dorm at Prague. Also, I keep putting the key in the door upside-down, another thingĀ from Prague. It’s little things like that that will take some readjusting to.

Being back in a country where I understand literally everything is quite overwhelming. I’ve become so used to just tuning out conversations around me because I can’t understand whatever language they’re speaking, but now that I’m back my ears pick up every word anyone says. Walking through the airport my eyes would scan every single sign and advertisement and it was like a sensory overload for my brain. But that has gotten better in the past two days, so I’m not too worried.

I miss Prague already and I often find myself thinking about all of the amazing things I was able to do there, but I also missed being home, so even though I never sound like it, I am very excited to be back.

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