Back Home!

I have been home for a week and it has been alright. It was nice to see some friends and family that I haven’t seen in a while. I have learned many things and have grown while abroad. There are definitely things that I take for grateful at home, but lived without while abroad. One thing was having a phone that had data to use and unlimited texts or calling. It wasn’t a big deal for me since there was a good amount of Wi-Fi throughout Europe which I used while abroad and I had some pre-paid value on my phone to text or call people when needed. While I was abroad I didn’t lose anything except for maybe a winter hat which is pretty good for me since my track record is not the best. Though yesterday I lost my iPhone which had like all of my photos on it. I thought all of them were backed up on my mother’s I Cloud account, on her I Pad, but there are only photos from after October 29th of this past year. Some from before October 15th are saved somewhere online. As you can tell, I am not the best with technology. Though I did try to update photos to my computer a couple of days ago on my computer but there was a problem with uploading them. Sorry for delay but once I get technology and my photos sorted out I will post some on my blog.
On the bright side, some of my friends say I talk in a British accent now. This usually happens when I go to a new place for a while. A couple of years ago I spent two weeks in Colorado and I came back talking like people I met from for the rock mountain and west coast areas. Though with my British accent I find it interesting because compared to other British people they knew I was American right away from my accent. Also, after coming home I have to be honest that some things with the American system bother me. For example, in England and other places in Europe tipping the waiter or waitress in a restaurant is optional. One reason for this is because they actually pay people working in restaurants minimum wage or more. In America, tipping is expected and I kind of wish we had a system like in Europe. Another example is that in England many of the banks and ATMS had free cash withdrawal so it wouldn’t be necessary to go to your own bank and take out money. I know that in America this is a way for banks to make money but if we decide to have free ATMS, like there were in England, it will be convenient for more people. Overall, there are pros and cons to every country’s system which I must accept. I like America but I would definitely want to go back to England and other countries in Europe one day!

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