Art Overload in the Most Positive Way

The past 2 days have been incredible. We have done so much on this trip so far that it has become so easy to forget and confuse what we did yesterday, and the day before that, and so on. Every day brings so many new adventures.

In the last 48 hours I have walked thousands of steps, seen priceless art, ate delicious new foods, heard so many languages, but above all I have learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it.

Some things we did and highlights include: The Museum of London- Sherlock Holmes Exhibit, the 2012 Olympic Torches/ Tate Modern- Dali, Polke, Ernst, Picasso, Conflict Time Photography, Louise Bourgeois, Nam June Paik, Richard Tuttle, Man Ray, Annette Messager/ Burrough Market- Fried quail eggs (YUMMY!)10922825_942751052403482_2963661573454456159_n(Photo courtesy of my roommate), Walk across the Millenium Bridge- the sun finally came out/London Street Art and Graffiti Tour- Banksy, Pure Evil, Swoon, Space Invader, Citizen Kane, ROA, Paul Don Smith, and so many more….

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There is so much to see and each morning I wake up even more excited than the last.

Victoria is currently in the graduate program working towards an MFA in printmaking. She loves to travel and is looking forward to studying in London.

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