Only One Week More :(

I don’t really have a long yearning to go home, but it will be nice to see friends and family back at home. I write this on Boxing Day, otherwise as we know the day after Christmas, on my way to Paris with my family. We are taking the Eurostar which is a very fast train from London to Paris. We will stay in Paris until New Year’s Day and then head back to the United States.

Before Christmas I was in Amsterdam for a couple days and I had a very good time. The buildings and the canals are two of the most beautiful things in the city. I spent a lot of time walking around the city’s canal streets and in parks. They had these very good waffle cookies and a lot of cheese. I flew to Amsterdam but it took an overnight bus back to London since plane fare was too expensive. I spent part of the day with my family in London, who were staying at my uncle’s house and then head back up to Huddersfield that afternoon to get my stuff. A day later my friend from Vietnam and I went back down to London on the train. I spent Christmas with my family and was able to explore more of the city of London.

As many people have described, I am a traveler. I like going on new adventures and not staying put in the same place. I think it would be cool to work in another country. I would like to teach English in another country. I would be interested in working in Eastern Europe or somewhere in Asia. I enjoyed every place that I traveled to, though Krakow, Poland and Amsterdam were two of my favorites.

Overall I had a very good experience studying abroad and I am very grateful for it. Personally, I think the best perks of studying abroad in Huddersfield would be having the opportunity to travel within England and around Europe. One can do this pretty easily and for a reasonable price. Also I was able to meet many new people from around the world and hopefully I can visit them one day. To my fellow New Paltz students I would strongly suggest that you consider studying abroad. It is an unforgettable experience that you will definitely learn and grow from.

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