I wrote this entry as I traveled on the train back from Dundee, Scotland on Friday October 31, 2014. This week I had reading week which is a week where there are no scheduled classes so students can catch up on their work. For me as an international student it’s an excuse to travel and do work at the same time. Last Friday morning I took the train up to Glasgow, Scotland and spent the afternoon walking around the city and went to two different museums there which were very interesting and free! The next day I met two of my American friends from Huddersfield and we went on a 3 day bus tour of the Scottish Highlands. The scenery and nature in the Highlands was beautiful. Though it was raining like cats and dogs two of the three days, but you can’t let rain stop you from exploring. On the tour, I went in a castle, explored ruins, walked on the beach/countryside/hills, walked on a famous battlefield, and saw standing stones for free. Now I won’t have to go Stonehenge, England and pay 35 pounds to see the standing stones which is overpriced and not worth it because you don’t get close to the stones at all.
On the tour I met two other girls from America who were studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and they were very nice. On Monday night, I got off at the tour at the Edinburgh, Scotland drop off point. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and was a very elegant looking city with a lot of history. I spent Tuesday in Edinburgh and went on a free walking tour, to museums, a famous chapel and went on a run/hike to an extinct volcano/hill called Arthurs Seat. I really liked Edinburgh it was a beautiful city and I would definitely go back. On Wednesday morning, I headed to Dundee Scotland to see my friend from SUNY New Paltz who is studying abroad at Stirling University. Since her boyfriend who is Scottish goes to school in Dundee she was staying with him for her reading week. There was an extra vacant room in her boyfriend’s flat so I got to stay there which was very nice of them .Wednesday was a gorgeous day and we walked all around Dundee. The next day we walked around St Andrews (a historic town not far from Dundee which is famous for its golf course and University), took a walk up to an Observatory in Dundee and did some work. Today I am heading back to Leeds which is the major city near Huddersfield and am going to have dinner with a family that I know there. I have to change trains twice but I actually prefer taking trains than buses because it easier for me to do work. I bought a student rail card which gives me 1/3 off of most train tickets.
Next weekend, I am planning to staying local. Maybe go to the Lake District for the day which I heard has nice walks and gorgeous scenery. I have trips planned for most of the weekends after that so I probably shouldn’t do too much so I don’t go broke, stay healthy and keep up with my studies (which are all very important).

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