Conversion on the Brain

C360_2014-09-19-14-56-31-379I think I’ve finally got to the point where I know how to use China’s currency, either that or I’ve become a super cheapskate.

Probably for the first month I’ve been in China, everything I bought, I had to convert in my head to see if it was a good deal. But I realized…as a American everything seemed to be an amazing deal, even if it was 游客价(tourist price). I didn’t get those prices as the rest of my classmates because I look Chinese and spoke with better fluency but my A.B.C. speak always seemed to pop out at the worse times….like right when I’m about it haggle TT ^ TT….

Like a big fruit cup(not like Starbuck’s teeny tiny cups) by Shida’s North Gate(师大的北门) is only 3 RMB which is an equivalent to less that 50 cents USD…That’s actually considered kind of pricey for portion and types of fruit…but then again all fruit cupsare kinda overpriced. *coughcough* SUB *coughcough*





C360_2014-09-05-22-44-16-556Though I do admit I still convert when something is over 100 RMB (~16USD) but I try not to buy anything over that because I can make 30-50 RMB(5-8 USD)last a day…maybe even two if I am lazy and just eat the 1 RMB pork buns DX so yummy.

I mean seriously since I am staying in the Shida (师大) dorm rooms there is no kitchen and I am not buying a mini-fridge because that would jack up my electric bill (oh yeah you gotta watch your electricity)but even so the C.L.I. (Chinese Language Institute) does have a fridge and kitchen…but it’s kind of “far”(college student far) and I’m lazy.

Going back to 游客价(tourist price), that tourist price is very real. If I go shopping with an obvious foreigner friend I get one price, if I go with other Chinese friends I get another, but the best price is the one where I have a friend/teacher that speak local Guilin dialect. So pay attention who you go shopping with xP.


C360_2014-10-18-14-57-32-709I am thankful I got the money transitioning down but now I really need to work on not being conned into paying too much and stop spending so much in the Drink shops(饮料店). Especially coffee X-X…..and cat cafes…..and bars.
By the way…? they sell alcohol on Campus o-o


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