Adjusting to my new environment & everything else

So to start things off I finally made it to Cardiff, Wales and I’m still in shock that I am actually here. After running around with the UK Visa and Immigration I had some doubts that I wouldn’t be here but I’m here and ready to face any other challenges that may come up. I first arrived at London Heathrow airport, I was filled with so much excitement on the inside but I had to contain myself for the sake of the people around me, lord knows I wanted to cartwheel up and down London but I had some unfinished business, cause my trip wasn’t finished. As I made my way through customs and baggage claim the culture shock really got to me when I had to buy my coach ticket to Cardiff only because I did not want to get taken advantage of monetarily. But I was fine, I even got a discount because I told the lady I was a student, sweeeeet. I boarded the coach at 7:06am (which is 2:00am in the U.S) and began my three hour journey to Cardiff on the National Coach Express. While on the coach, I did not think I could look at grass with so much focus, maybe it’s because it is in another country but I was so mesmerized, the horses, the wide open spaces,  and the cars driving on the right side of the road. It’s such a different life here (or it seems like it).

Anyways, I got to the Cardiff bus station at 11ish (6am U.S. time) and got into a taxi and for eight pounds drove me to my on campus residence at Cardiff University. At this point, the thought of being in another country really resignated with me and I almost got a bit emotional. After going to the reception to collect my key I met one of my eight flatmate at the door as I struggled to bring my things in (who told them to put me on the top floor with no elevator lols). As you may be thinking, I was very happy to meet her at the door because she was so kind to carry one of my bags up the stairs.

After unpacking a bit, I sent myself on a wild goose chase looking for the Global Opportunity Centre to see about signing up for my classes, at that point I was upset at how far everything is from the campus. After about maybe 1.5-2hrs. I finally found the office (which I blindly passed before). So yeah, I made it and got to choose my classes as well as my ID, whoop whoop !! I also completed my first week of classes which was not too bad and my professors are really nice and helpful. I am looking forward to having so much more rewarding and fun experiences here in the UK, so I’ll talk to you all later byeeeeeeee 🙂




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