Academic Adjustment

I have just finished my third week of classes and they are going pretty well so far. Though the academic system is different here than back in the United States. Many classes meet only once a week for two hours which is called a lecture. I have four classes that are just lectures. Some classes, like my introductory to sociology class have a seminar in addition to a lecture. This is an additional hour where a smaller group of students discuss the lecture in further detail often with group work. The modules that I am taking meet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so I have a four day weekend to travel. This weekend I am taking my first trip to another European country. I am going to Dublin, Ireland!
Another main difference in the United Kingdom is that many of the modules or what we call courses meet for the whole year. Since I will only be here for a semester my assessment or grade will be based on one or two big assessments which are usually long papers/case studies. For my modules I am not required to buy any books which is a great way to save money. All the articles and readings are on uni learn which is similar to blackboard. The library has textbooks and books students can borrow for class readings. The only thing which sucks is that the university does not give you any print money. It’s easier for me to read physical copies of documents so I have to spend a decent amount of my own money.
Finally, at the University of Huddersfield you are expected to read and keep up with the reading and course material on your own. There are no reading quizzes or graded paragraphs just your one or two final assessments. Though attendance does matter and is checked by swiping your ID card as you enter the classroom. I have got to go catch my transportation methods to Ireland! I will post soon about my travels and inside some photos 🙂

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