Two Weeks!

Today marks two weeks of being in Japan!

So far, it’s felt like a dream. Our classes just started last week, and I only have one class a day on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays! Unfortunately, to balance that out I have a full 9am-6pm schedule on Wednesday… there’s just so many good classes that happened to be put on Wednesday though!

I talked before about how I was adjusting to my homestay, and now I love it! The food is great, but sometimes when my host mum is tired, I go out and buy a bento for dinner- but even that is great! It’s a cheaply prepared meal but so convenient and delicious. My friends live in the dorms, and I hear that the food is either a hit or miss most days. I’m glad to be in a place where every single meal is just a bite full of sheer bliss. Even though there’s still the language barrier, my host mum and I both try hard and it’s fun being with her! We rarely go out together, but it’s nice to live with her.

I call home frequently to my worrying mother, but there isn’t really much that I miss about home, though I do miss cuddling with my dog a lot… I also leave tons of messages on facebook for my friends! There’s a lot of things here that constantly remind me of them, so sometimes I get a little sad and miss them. More than anything, I wish they were here with me to experience Japan too! I think right now, I’m adjusting perfectly well. I haven’t really had another moment of homesickness, and hopefully it’ll stay that way!

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