Introduction to the city of Cardiff

Hey guys, it’s been a while I know  but better late than never right?!? This post will be covering some trivial facts about the city I will be staying in for the next couple of months. To me it is very important to familiarize myself with these my country cause  because it can make my transition into a totally new country a lot easier, for me at least.

  1. Cardiff became a city in 1905, and later was named the capital of Wales 50 years later.
  2. Cardiff is one of the flattest cities in Britain.
  3. Cardiff hosted the very first  game of the 2012 London Olympics– two days before the opening ceremony.
  4. Rail commuters in Cardiff were named the happiest in an index published by Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) in 2012.
  5. Cardiff was named the 6th shopping area in the UK.
  6. After the Romans settled in Cardiff in 55AD, they built a military fort on Cardiff Castle.
  7. Cardiff has the world’s oldest record store, which opened n 1894.

Hope you enjoy these facts, be sure to check back for more updates from Cardiff. Ttyl byeeeeee 🙂

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