Excited to Go to England!

On Monday night September 8th I will be leaving to go abroad! I am very excited and my first stop will be London, England. I will spend 4 days in London and then head up to the University of Huddersfield.  While in London I’m planning to explore the city and visit my uncle and his family who live in London. This will be my first time in Europe and I plan to travel and explore different areas of England and other countries nearby.

At Huddersfield University I will be taking psychology courses which the school is well known for. I found out about this program in my research methods class last year when a representative from the University came to talk about their study abroad program for psychology students. After hearing about this program and going to the study abroad fair I decided to apply. I have only heard good things from people about their study abroad experience and am grateful to have the opportunity to go myself.

While at the University of Huddersfield I plan to get in involved in the cycling club and the outdoors club. Hiking, cycling and rock climbing are three of my passions and I plan to continue pursuing them while I am abroad.  I have heard that northern England, near the Lake District, has beautiful places to hike, cycle and climb. This summer has flown by so fast and I will be leaving very soon. I should probably start to pack. I will write more when I’m in Europe!

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