better late than never!

I guess I’m a bit late to this whole posting business. Sorry about that, but gosh have the past few weeks been busy:


THE LEAD-UP: 1 week before arrival

The week leading up to my arrival in London amounted to a bit more than a little hassle. I had to say goodbye to my family–both enormous and very local. I had to get all my paperwork together. See a doctor. See a dentist (didn’t actually get around to this one). Put my finances in order. And pack. Oh, the packing. It took over three days for me to figure out how to fit all the clothes, electronics, and books I wanted to bring into one mammoth-sized duffle. People say I shouldn’t have packed any books at all, not even the paperbacks. We compromised. I only packed like 8 books instead of the originally over ambitious stack of 20. So how’d the rest of the packing go? Well, the duffle wasn’t has mammoth sized as I needed.

And to top all that off, yes, I was nervous! Of course I was nervous. I was moving to a new country. London–the setting of my favorite fictional detective!


The spent the final few days before my departure in Long Island. These days were more relaxing than the previous ones, but not as relaxing as I’d hoped. I had a few lazy beach days in mind, but the universe stepped in and proclaimed IT SHALL NOT BE!  Instead, I spent most of the time helping my boyfriend finish doing what I’d finished the day before. Oh, I didn’t mention him yet? Well, my boyfriend and I are studying abroad together! How cool is that? Nervous about traveling to London together! People say we’re a power couple. We still don’t really know what that means–but now we have a better idea than we did before. And I think we’re going to continue discovering exactly what that means over the course of our many adventure across Europe.



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