Boryeong Mud Festival (AKA in my world: Kid Day)

This event was quite fun. I was expecting there to be only mud, and mud slides but there was a beach right next to the festival and I was wanting to go to a beach in South Korea so this trip allowed me to kill two birds with one stone. The mud festival was quite small though. It cost ₩10,000 to enter so I could not expect for that much.

At the festival there was two slides, two big mud pools, one obstacle course, one couple obstacle course, one mud jail, and a pool to wash off. I really enjoyed the slides because it was fun to go down, getting to the top was difficult because there was someone else going on the bounce slide with you. This was a little bit of a competition to see who would get to the bottom faster, but the true competition was the obstacle course. It was difficult to get myself through it because everything was slippery. So I could not walk properly and grasp on to items to make my way through. In the mud pools there was little games we played that involved 20 people. The first was a hitting/slapping the palm game. This was difficult because the floor was slippery, so you could fall on your own account. Then the chicken game, so we were split into two groups and there was the mom chicken and the rest on the line were chicks. If the other team mom chicken touches the end of our line we would lose. Sadly, I kept slipping and breaking our teams’ line so we all had a punishment, sitting in the middle and allowing everyone who did not lose spray you with mud, in the end. The last game was to group with the amount of people the announcer of the game would pick. Of course I lost in this also.

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