The end is near

My study abroad in Prague experience is ending in two days, and I am quite upset by it. It is funny to think back to crying my eyes out for the first four days, asking myself how I would ever make it through the month, and now I do not want to leave. I had my last final today, making the end feel even more real. I learned so much in my short time in Prague,and honestly feel that I have grown as a person. It sounds cliche, but it is the truth.

I would like to share with you what I learned:

1. Keep an open mind. A study abroad experience, while rewarding and fun, is not always easy. As I mentioned before I was extremely homesick when I initially arrived. It is hard being away from family and friends. Not having the food your accustomed to, and being surrounded by people who speak a different language. There are also minor differences that I would have never even thought about before I got here. My dorm room does not have wifi or air conditioning, but I have learned to deal with it.  I have been forced to grow up by being here. Be patient and enjoy everyday, because time will seriously fly.

2. Make time for work and fun. The classes at Charles University were very rigorous. I had a much more demanding workload then I am used to at New Paltz. I believe that this is due to the fact that I took six credits in only three and a half weeks, therefore the classes were very much accelerated. However, I often stressed myself out worrying, rather then doing my work. It is important to stay organized, and get things done whenever you can. That way there is still time to go out and enjoy yourself, without having unfinished assignments on your mind.

3. Take time out to explore the surrounding areas. I had the privilege of getting outside the city of Prague this past weekend, and exploring the beautiful Czech countryside. We went on a Saturday hike, and the following day I went to a castle 40 miles outside of Prague. Being away from the place you are studying at, even for just a short time, makes you appreciate it that much more when you return.

I have mixed feelings about returning to the United States. I wish all my family and friends could be transported to Prague that way I would never have to leave. On the other hand, I do miss certain things about the United States, and am excited to go back to a comfortable and familiar place. I really want to come back to Prague for an entire semester, and I hope to make that happen. Hope everyone is enjoying there summer. Until next time.

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