Sobre Chile

So now that I have been to Chile for a little bit I can give some feedback.  First off I would like to say that I love my school.  It is the same school as in Argentina but the professors here are amazing.  I have learned so much but have so much more Spanish I need to learn it can be a bit overwhelming.  Santiago is huge and the culture here is great.  It’s kind of like an USA of South America.  I meet great friends here but there program has ended.  They were all almost from Brazil… I’ve actually learned some Portuguese.   I still wish I had more time I am so not ready to leave… I only have a week and a half left it is very sad.  One of the best things in my trip has been going to an orphanage.  I can honestly say nothing has compared to this experience my school has a program were we can spend tuesday’s at an orphanage and be like a big brother to a kid.  My kid is name is Daniel he’s 15.  He’s really great, nice and funny.  All of the kids get so happy when we come and it just makes you feel so great inside.  Between the people I meet here and the volunteer program Chile has won a huge chunk of my heart, and even though I haven’t left I am already planning to come back.  I am going to practice my Spanish a lot of the next few days and enjoy all the time I have left as much as I can.



My “little brother” Danny with my friend Raeanna and her “little brother”

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