Late Post, Only One More Week Left

I’m down to the last week of teaching, and although it has only been two weeks of teaching in South Korea, it feels like two months. I am surprised at the rapid growth of my relationships with my students, and other English Village teachers. To be honest, I wish the English Village lasted a little longer, I still need my students to show me around South Korea! I will be taking a Korean language during my stay here, so hopefully I will be able to grasp onto the language ad utilize it to survive everyday here.

Since last time I posted, I have been to Myeongdong (명동) and saw the musical Ghost, which one of the three casts was Joo Won, an amazing actor. 명동 was a little too crowded for my liking, and even though I am from New York and Soho is just as comparable, I rather not have to go through crowds regardless of where I am at. WARNING: if you come to South Korea and walk through 명동, you will get lots of free samples! You do not even have to go that far to 명동, and even walking through the city of Yongin will gain you some samples. I do like that 명동 do have not only Korean fashion and cheap items, but there is also Forever 21, Uniqlo, H&M, Zara, and American Apparel. So if Korean fashion is not your style, or not the right fit, there are still western brands. I also really enjoyed the underground market. The $10 clothing rack was my best friend last weekend. Transitioning to the musical. Sighs, I was not able to see Joo Won perform, but I did see Joo Won in the flesh. Me and my friend bought tickets for the last show, thus all the cast came out on stage. The musical itself was spectacular. The settings and the props used was amazing, and it was definitely worth $112 – I was pretty close to the front and little to the side but still had a great view. I could tell this production cost a lot of money and the immense amount of effort put into this production so even though I bought the ticket expecting to see Joo Won perform, I am not even mad.For now, I am looking forward to getting a haircut, going to Insadong (인사동), going to COEX Aquarium, and exploring all South Korea has to offer me.

안녕, V  

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