COEX Aquarium

So I am not a big fan of museums or aquariums or events in general where I cannot interact with the art so COEX Aquarium was just a 3 on a scale from 1 to 5. It cost 22,000 won, so about $22. It did have a lot of different aquatic animals like fishes, sharks, octopus, seals, penguins and sting rays. I am listing a few things on the top of my head, so the aquarium probably does offer more than listed before.

My favorite was the seals because they kept doing cycles of back flips. I am unsure if that is just how seals are suppose to swim naturally but it felt like a little show for me. My second favorite would be the Good Doctor fishes that nibble on you, they remove the dead skin cells. I have always wanted to try that and to be honest I was a little bit of a coward so I am glad I got this little exposure before trying a whole container of them nibbling on my feet.

Adding on, there was the Love Machine evaluating machine. I do not think that was accurate because me and the group of friends I came with to COEX all matched well. This just shows more of the couple culture that is prominent in South Korea.

From Dankook University to the COEX Aquarium it takes about an hour and a half – taking the 8101 bus to Gangnam Station then transferring to the train. So it is a bit of a commute but definitely worth it because COEX is also a shopping area. Now if you are not into animals or shopping … this place is not for you. There are Korean souvenir shops – a very small Insadong, Korean souvenir district, in COEX so you may want to pick up a few items to take back home there. In addition, everything in South Korea is reasonably priced, there are not overpriced souvenirs in COEX, and the prices align well with the prices of the items in Insadong.

More travel posts to the coming. For now …

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