We made it ! 1st Week in Jamaica!!!

Hi, I am Gerlynn and I am a guest blogger on behalf of Prof. Brown! I am one of the students participating in the Service-Learning Program here in Jamaica! I am a graduating Senior with a B.A. in Black Studies. I will be blogging from now on till a few weeks after the trip!!

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1st week in Jamaica and what can I say it has been great!!! When we first arrived, boy was it hot!!! The heat was something we were not used to but I was very grateful that we arrived safely. 1st stop – Island Grill!!! Food was amazing!!! We arrived to the University of the West Indies(UWI) and took a small tour– this campus is BIG– we learned so much about the history of UWI and many historical places! This campus was once a plantation!

We visited Port Royal(an extension of Kingston that used to be its own country- Good stuff to look up!!), Devon’s House(1st Black Male billionaire’s home – awesome patties!!),

2014-06-03 17.43.47 2014-06-03 17.42.58

and finally experienced the Coronation Market ( very crowded and inexpensive mangos, plantains, spices and much more – people from the country selling goods).


This is after the Coronation Market by the harbour in Downtown Kingston! We were enjoying the view, the breeze and each others company!!

2014-06-07 13.34.57


See you again in a week or two!!


Dr. La Tasha Amelia Brown completed her Ph.D. degree in Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England. Dr. Brown holds an M.A. in African New World Studies (now African and African Diasporic Studies) with a concentration in Cultural Studies from Florida International University in Miami, Florida and a B.A. in History with a minor in English Literature from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. Her areas of specialization include: Caribbean Black Diaspora Identity; Intersections of Class, Race, and Gender; Popular Culture; African American Identity & Culture and Black British Identity & Culture. Dr. Brown has conducted field research in Jamaica and has lived as well as traveled throughout the Caribbean region, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Dr. Brown is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Black Studies, the principal organizer of the African Diaspora Film Series (ADFS) and the Program Director for the Jamaica Service-Learning Program (JSLP) at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

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