Prague Here I Come

It is officially nine minutes past midnight, so technically I am leaving for Prague today. I am wide awake, and wired on way too much caffeinated tea, courtesy of my best friend Kyle, who wanted to take me out for one last goodbye before my trip. ¬†Even now I still do not believe that I will actually be arriving in Prague in about a day and a half. My flight leaves tomorrow evening, and I arrive in the Czech Republic on the afternoon of the 18th. I feel an overwhelming combination of nerves and excitement, coupled with mounting disbelief that this is actually happening. I have been telling people so often about my impending trip, that the words feel like second nature, somewhat rehearsed. I have gone through goodbyes to my family and friends. Did some last minute shopping, packed up my suitcase, and downloaded the latest version of Skype. I have my perfected my patient smile, listening to my family’s last minute concerns, and worries, and fears, trying to be empathetic, but beginning to lose my patience. ¬†Never before have I traveled so far away for such a long amount of time, especially not by myself. It is such an amazing and empowering feeling taking on this sense of independence. I have been thinking about in a continuous loop about how excited I am to be able to learn in such a different environment and culture, and how much value there is attached to it. About the experiences I will have that I will keep with me forever. College is a rare time in a person’s life. Never again will I have this much time for self-exploration and reflection. I am grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to study abroad, and I cannot wait to make the most of my experience. Studying abroad, I believe,gives a person the type of learning experience, beyond the classroom, so unique in nature, and valuable beyond measure. I look forward to continuing my blogging while abroad, and sharing my experiences with all of you.

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